Best Pizza Cutting Board (Wood? Plastic? Size? Shape?)

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Once you remove your delicious hot pizza from the oven, the real fun can begin; eating.

But before you tuck in, you need to cut your pizza and to do this, a pizza cutting board is an important tool to have. Using a wood cutting board is one of the best ways to prevent your pizza cutter from becoming prematurely dull.

If you use another cutting surface such as your pizza stone, pizza peel or the pizza pan, this can have a negative effect on the pizza cutter whereas wood will keep it sharper for longer. What’s more, after slicing the food, pizza cutting boards are a great way to serve your meal.

Which Type Of Cutting Board Is Best?

There are two main types of pizza cutting boards, those made from wood and those made from plastic. Wooden pizza cutting boards are typically a lot nicer to look at but their plastic counterparts will be much easier for cleaning. A plastic pizza cutting board is typically dishwasher safe, whereas wooden ones are not and you must hand wash them.

That being said, over time, a plastic cutting board will get deep scratches and grooves and this is a flaw in the design since bacteria can hide in them.

A wooden pizza cutting board will be a lot more sturdy and this results in a much more durable product.

You should consider the cutting board material since there are several types of wood that are used for these boards. Hard woods are much better for cutting and serving pizza, they are more robust. Things like maple, oak, walnut and teak are particularly good.

However, there is also the bamboo cutting board. While bamboo is not technically wood and in fact, a species of grass, it is a very strong material.

If you do not have a pizza cutting board, you can just as easily use a cheese board or other type of chopping board. Your cheese board will normally be made from the same materials as a pizza board and can make a good alternative for food preparation, cutting and serving pizza.

Can You Cook Pizza On A Cutting Board?

Let’s start by saying that you should never put a plastic pizza board into the oven; this will melt it. However, it is possible to cook pizza on a wooden pizza cutting board; just make sure that your oven settings are correct as too high temperatures can cause any glues or resins used on the board to deteriorate.

That being said, when using an outdoor pizza oven, the only settings are the flames and the oven needs to be hot so you may be better using a pizza stone and pizza peel. Many pizza peels are made from wood and can double up as cutting boards for pizzas but do be aware that doing this can cause scratches.

What Is The Best Pizza Cutting Board?

There are some excellent cutting boards for pizzas on the market. Whether you are looking for a gift for a pizza-loving friend or a treat for yourself, sellers will be vying for your attention. Let’s take a look at some of our top picks.

Acacia Wood Pizza Cutting Board/Pizza Peel/Serving Tray

This round cutting board can be used for multiple tasks and makes it one of the most diverse options on our list. One side is the cutting surface while the other is designed for serving.

It is made from strong and durable acacia and boasts a beautiful finish for serving your pizza slices.

It measures 11.5 inches so is perfect for medium-sized pizza. This is a great option for a gift thanks to the attractive and durable design.

John Boos Walnut Wood Cutting Block

While this pizza cutting board might be a much higher price, in the region of hundreds, it certainly delivers in every aspect you would expect for a cutting surface.

At 23 inches, the surface is ideal for even the largest pizza slices and the strong wooden design is ideal for preventing damage to your pizza cutters and knives.

John Boos handcrafts all of their wooden boards, so you know that you will be getting a chopping surface that is of the best quality.

The surface is raised by four small feet to keep it off the worktop and board comes with a one year warranty.

Premium Natural Bamboo Pizza Tray

We really love this bamboo pizza cutting board since it is perfect for a traditional round pizza and does not cost the earth.

Thanks to the nature of this material, it is easier to clean as water will not cause it to warp. Other kinds of wood are susceptible to water damage but this sort is much more resilient. Additionally, the bamboo won’t be damaging to your cutters or knives.

Furthermore, the pizza board can double as a pizza server, allowing you to slide the pieces of pizza onto a plate smoothly. It can also be used as a peel.

What To Look For In A Pizza Cutting Board

When you are shopping for your pizza cutting board, there are several things you should consider. Of course, you should first decide whether a wooden cutting board or a plastic cutting board will work best.

it is important for us to point out that if you choose a wooden cutting board, you will need to decide between an edge grain board and an end grain board. Edge grain boards may be more durable than an end grain board but they are also known to blunt your knives and pizza cutters much more quickly..

Once you have made this decision, you will then need to look at other aspects of your potential cutting boards.


A pizza cutting board will comes in various sizes and it is important to choose the right size. Search for a pizza board that will match the size of the pizzas you typically make. If you like a larger pizza, you should go for something with at least a 13 inch round diameter.


Since a pizza is round, you will likely find that a round pizza cutting board will work best. Typically, a round cutting board will look more authentic but what is most impressive about a round board is that many of them come with grooves. These grooves act as guides for each slice so that you get even slices and a more ‘restaurant’ look.

If you don’t want a round board, there are square ones available and these are generally better if you want to chop other things on the board. What’s more, while you normally get round pizza, a lot of people like to experiment with other shapes.


The price of your pizza cutting board will depend on which sellers you go for. As with anything, there are products to suit every budget.

You can search for budget-friendly boards that don’t even enter into double figures but do be careful that you don’t end up with something substandard. Although, there are good cutting boards for a reasonable price, you sometimes have to search harder to find these.

Alternatively, you could adjust your search settings and go for a higher priced board if your budget allows.

Taking Care Of Your Board

As we have discussed, you should never use water to clean a wooden board and they should never be placed in the dishwasher. This can damage them to the point of them becoming unusable.

If the board does have stubborn stains from the oil of the pizza slices, you could use a combination of lemon and baking soda.

Furthermore, wooden boards do need to be treated with mineral oil on a regular basis. This will prevent the surface from becoming too dry.


If you cut your pizza into pieces on the pizza stone or another hard surface, this can damage your pizza cutter. The best thing to use is a pizza cutting board which can also be used for serving.

These boards are made from wood or plastic and are a very handy accessory for pizza lovers. So grab a slice of your favourite pizza and take a look at our selection of the best pizza cutting boards on the market!

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