Who Invented The Pizza Cutter?

pizza cutter inventor

You might think that the pizza cutter is a relatively new invention, but in truth, pizza cutters have been around for a considerable length of time. Let’s look at the history of the pizza cutter.

The History Of The Pizza Cutter

The first pizza cutter was invented more than 100 years ago in 1892 by a man named David S Morgan. However, this design was never intended to be used to cut pizzas but was actually formed as a way of cutting wallpaper!

This wheel-like design had been used by David S Morgan in his wallpaper work and one day, he realized that this type of blade might also work well as a pizza cutter. However, move back through history and Silvio Pacitti, in 1708, had already invented a half moon pizza cutter known as a mezzaluna.

The Mezzaluna

The mezzaluna, a type of knife, was created by Italian Silvio Pacitti in 1708 after he needed a way of cutting vegetables. This large half-moon blade begun a history of alterations to ultimately develop the blade we are familiar with today.

While the mezzaluna is still used as a pizza cutter today, particularly for Chicago style pizzas, we tend to cut pizza with a circular pizza cutter, in most cases.

The Dough Pizza Cutter

Throughout history, we have seen various designs to help cut pizza. However, most of these were invented as a way of cutting pizzas that has already been cut.

Cutting the pizza dough before it has been baked wouldn’t have been easy using the types of pizza cutter that we are used to seeing. But this problem was soon to be solved by a man named Carl A Frahm in 1922.

Frahm was an American who developed this invention based on the design of a cake cutter. This design was so successful that over time, the invention was developed into what we recognize as a pizza cutter today.

Final Thoughts

Rather than just using a knife to cut pizza, inventors throughout history have developed ideas to make slicing pizza much easier.

From the initial invention of the mezzaluna by Silvio Pacitti through to the cake cutter design in the 1920s, we now have an efficient and effective tool for slicing our favorite food quickly and easily. Thanks guys!

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