Stainless Steel Pizza Pan With Holes | All Sizes And Prices Guide

Cooking pizza can be something of an experiment, and when making homemade pizza, whether in a pizza oven or a normal kitchen oven, it is important to have the right tools. A lot of pizza fans will use a pizza stone, but there is some suggestion that a stainless steel pizza pan that has holes is far better.

There are many perforated pizza pan options out there but finding the best one requires a little research. In this article, we are going to be looking at why these products are superior as well as exploring some of the best stainless steel pizza pans currently on the market.

Can You Cook Pizza On Stainless Steel?

In short, you can cook pizza on a pizza pan that has a steel construction; however, there are some downsides to this. When you use the traditional method of using a pizza stone, the cooking surface soaks up moisture, and you get a far nicer pizza crust and heat that cooks the food from the bottom.

However, when you use cast iron pans or a steel pizza pan, you may not get such a crispy bottom or fluffy pizza crust as you would when using pizza stones. That being said, if you are dead set on using these types of steel bakeware, there is a way to get excellent results – a pizza crisper, or a pizza pan that has holes will offer excellent heat distribution and will deliver a crispt pizza crust and base that is very similar to the baking results you would see with a pizza stone.

Is A Pizza Pan With Holes Better?

Pizza pans that have holes are far superior to the steel or cast iron pizza pan products that do are not perforated. The reason for this is that the heat will be able to hit the surface of the pizzas directly as opposed to relying solely on the heat retention of the baking pan. But there are so many other things that make them the best choice!

Why Are Pizza Pans With Holes Better?

It is important to look at the other types of pizza pans, and it then becomes clear why a perforated pizza pan is the better item. On the whole, pizza pans will be made from cast iron, aluminum or stainless steel, although there are some with a carbon steel construction.

Not only will a perforated pizza pan offer improved heat to the pizza dough, but they are far easier to use. For example, a cast-iron pan cannot be cleaned with soap, but a stainless steel option offers easy cleanup and does not require seasoning. There are some great iron pans out there, especially if you want to make a deep dish pizza but they are far more expensive.

There is some suggestion that an iron pizza pan allows for an improved pizza crust thickness and a better flavor with cheese that melts to perfection, and this can sway buyers. However, what they are lacking is the opportunity for improved airflow, which is essential in creating a crispy crust and a base that is not soggy.

The Best Stainless Steel Pizza Pans For Restaurant Quality Pizzas

If you want to make a delicious thin crust pizza, then a crisper may be a good option; these are placed on the bottom shelf of the oven and are also excellent for making breadsticks. They usually feature a non-stick surface and are excellent for both homemade and frozen pizza.

However, we would lean towards using a steel pizza pan for making deep-dish pizza, and you can feel confident that they will deliver incredible results every time with a crispy crust heavenly toppings. So, with that in mind, let’s explore some of the best stainless steel pizza pans around.

Non-Stick Pizza Tray Carbon Steel

Many buyers are looking for something that will be cost-effective, after all, making homemade pizza is a great way to save money, so why would you want to break the bank with your equipment? Of course, you pay for quality, but it is a pleasant surprise to find such an excellent pizza pan for this price.

This perforated pizza pan has a handy non-stick coating so that the pizza dough will not stick to the surface of the pan – this is essential for perfect cooking results.

These pans will retain the heat well so that your deep crust pizza will begin cooking as soon as you put it in the oven; after preheating the pan, of course. Additionally, clean up is easy thanks to this product being dishwasher safe. Of course, you won’t need to put it in the dishwasher every time if you use a baking sheet which will help to retain the quality for longer.

The tray measures 32cm, which is just over 12 inches, perfect if you like a medium-sized pizza. At 2cm deep, the thickness is perfect for creating a deep pan pizza in the comfort of your own home.

Chicago Metallic Professional Pizza Pan

Chicago metallic is a company that has been around for more than 100 years, and so you can expect nothing less than the best quality from their range of bakeware. This professional pizza pan demonstrates this perfectly.

This one is larger than our previous offering and gives you the opportunity to bake a 14-inch pizza with ease. However, due to this one being slightly less thick, it is better for making a thin crust pizza.

One again, this one will resist food sticking to its surface and offer an effortless cleanup in the dishwasher so you can make as many pizzas as you wish without worrying about the mess.

But potentially the best thing about this pizza pan is that Chicago Metallic offers a 25-year warranty on all orders; that is a lot of pizza making!

YKWYQ Pizza Baking Tray Stainless Steel

If you want to find a pizza pan that will allow you to make huge pizzas for all your friends and family, then this is one of the best options out there. You will be able to bake 16-inch pizza dishes with plenty of room, and the deep dish nature of this tray means that you can achieve a thick and tasty crust.

This is a round pan with holes that offers an excellent distribution of heat so not only will the crust rise to perfection but the base will be perfect too – and don’t forget those evenly cooked toppings and melted cheese!

The pan is super easy to clean and offers a scratch-resistant surface which is also non-stick so you can feel confident that you don’t need to use a baking sheet to get the best results from this pan. It is not difficult to see why this is the best pizza pan for cooking large pizzas.

Chef Pomodoro Pizza Pan Set

There are times when you need to be able to cook more than once pizza at once, and that is made easy with the pizza pan set that boasts three carbon steel pizza pans and a stand. They are durable and easy to clean, and the pizza dough will not stick to the surface of the pan (pizza dough to sticky?) (pizza dough to sticky?).

The trays are a decent size, and you will be able to cook three 11-inch pizzas at once, and the small round holes will allow excellent airflow through the pan for optimal baking.

We think that this is the best pizza pan for large parties, but even if you are eating alone, you can simply use a single pan in the oven for just as good results.

3 Piece Pizza Pan Crisper Set

Once again, we are looking at an incredible set of pizza pans, but this time there are three different types, so you have the choice to make a variety of pizza sizes – ideal for a family with children, perhaps. There is a 9-inch pizza pan, an 11-inch pan and a pan that will make 12.5-inch pizzas, so it is a really versatile set.

This pizza pan set comes in a gorgeous gold colour which adds to the aesthetic appeal, but we know that looks are not everything, but when you learn about the quality of these pizza pans, it isn’t difficult to see why they made this list.

They are made from top-quality carbon steel and are extremely strong and durable pizza pans but what’s even more impressive is that they will not scratch and no food will stick to the surface.

Due to their slim nature, this is not a deep dish pizza pan set but will give you the best pizza results for a thin crust recipe.

Pizza Tray For Oven

It is incredible what you can get for your money when you spend a little time researching, and these pizzas pans are a testimony of that. For an incredibly affordable cost, you will get two sturdy and strong pizza pans, which at just over 12 inches will allow you to create a very decent-sized pizza.

They are made from durable steel and offer easy cleaning as well as that all-important non-stick coating which is imperative in a good pizza pan.

The pizza pan measures 2.5cm in depth so is a perfect deep dish pizza pan for those who like their crust a little thicker, but you are just as free to create a thinner pizza if that takes your fancy. The holes in the bottom provide a way for the dough to cook evenly, unlike a pan that lacks these holes.

Masterclass Crusty Bake Deep Dish

If you want a pizza pan that will give you a deep-dish pizza with a thick crust, straight out of the oven, then this is the best pan for you.

It may be smaller in width, allowing you to make pizzas that are 9-inches but the depth of this pan is sure to have buyers bowled over. What’s more, due to its strong design, it will not warp when exposed to high temperatures which are incredibly essential when making pizza since this needs to be done in a very hot oven.

It is rust-resistant, won’t stick and is super easy to get clean – all things which are imperative in any pizza pan. Furthermore, the holes are not just at the base but rather all the way around the sides too. This means that not only will the oven temperatures reach the underside but all around the thick crust too.

If all of that wasn’t enough to impress you, then how about the 20-year warranty that comes with this pan and all the other pans in the range? This gives you the confidence that this is a pizza pan that will serve you time and time again; no matter how many times you turn on the oven!

If you are tempted by the rest of the range, you will be pleased to know that you can buy this pizza pan along with the bread tray -ideal as a baking gift!


A pizza pan is a great piece of equipment to have in your kitchen, and whether you can make do with a single pan or require a set of pans to entertain guests, there are many excellent options on the market.

When choosing a pan of your pizza, you must make sure that it is perforated since this will allow the hot temperatures to spread evenly across the base of the food and cook it in the same way that a pizza on a stone would be cooked – with a crispy bottom and a perfect crust that is fluffy and crispy.

These pans come in a range of sizes, from a small pan for lunchtimes right the way through to a huge pan for those days when you want something more substantial. Steels are great for a pizza pan since they are lightweight, durable and affordable, and this type of pan will certainly stand the test of time – great news for big pizza fans!

So, now you know what to look for in a pizza pan and some of the best products on the market, you just need to choose your favourite, and then you can enjoy a delicious hot pizza with a perfect crust! Bon appetite!

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