Pizza Communities Christmas Miracle

A True Christmas Miracle

Christmas could not have been any better for a family, after the Gozney pizza oven manufacturer community helped one of their fellow members.

The Covid pandemic hit Craig McKenzies business hard and he faced the prospect of not being able to buy his little girl any Christmas presents.   To avoid that he reluctantly decided to sell one of his prize possessions, his pizza oven.

He took to the community facebook page to see if any other members would be interested in purchasing the oven but to his astonishment they did something truly magical instead! 

A just giving fund was started and community members from all over the world contributed.  Craig had been hoping to raise $400/$500 by selling his oven but incredibly the community raised nearly $5000 for Craigs family and ensure that the family continues to enjoy delicious homemade pizza.

Pizza remains one of the most popular dishes in the world, transcending the Italian borders to become a global snack. Over the years, several restaurant businesses have emerged to treat millions of people in different parts of the world to a variety of pizza flavors. However, more people are beginning to embrace homemade pizza as opposed to ordering from a restaurant. Unfortunately, making restaurant-quality pizza requires some level of expertise, and of course, the right set of tools, especially a pizza oven. However, such resources are not readily available to people, which is where Jason McKnight and his team at are looking to be of help.

Craig told us “I’m overwhelmed by the kindness. It’s a Christmas story I’ll never forget its changing my life.”

The events leading up to the $5,000 fundraiser to save a family’s tradition of enjoying homemade pizza by helping them keep their pizza oven can best be described as a miracle.  10 thousand members of a community came together to raise $5,000 in a couple days.

Otherwise known as The Shed Singer, Craig McKenzie is known for his philanthropic work. His passion for mental health awareness has brought him to the limelight. Craig is popular for using music to beat depression and help millions of people get out of difficult situations.

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