Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone Review

Tired of takeouts and going to pizzerias for a slice of pizza? If you have an oven at home, why not maximize those pizza-making plans with the help of a pizza stone?

A pizza stone is considered beneficial by chefs and foodies alike because it can provide results that are on par with restaurant-made pizzas. It can even level up those frozen grocery store pizzas. Pizza stones are built in a way that can tolerate exceedingly high temperatures and baking pizzas on this item results into a pizza with a crispy crust, straight from your own oven.

In this article we are going to review Old Stone Oven’s Rectangular Pizza Stone.


  • Includes bigger baking/cooking rectangular surface
  • Stone produces multi-layered crunchy pizza pies/bread crusts
  • Includes specialized Heat Core center to focus heat in the heart of the stone for perfect bread crusts minus moist centers
  • Durable and long-lasting, capable of enduring extreme heat
  • Made in the USA with materials from the country


Old Stone Oven’s pizza stones are made to appear like the baking ovens of old Italy. It can retain heat perfectly and is thicker compared to other pizza stones being sold today. Other than pizzas, you can make bread, rolls, focaccia and biscuits. Its amply rectangular shape provides even more cooking surface so you can accommodate such baked goods.

This 14-inch by 16-inch stone is at its maximum best if users preheat the stone in the oven prior to baking; preheat the item to 500 degrees at 30 minutes and it will be set. The stone is composed of firebrick materials that are also used in making incinerators and forges, thus you are guaranteed that the stoneware can do its job well.

To wash the stone, make sure that it has cooled down completely before submerging it in hot water. Let the item dry before storage. To store the item, put it inside the oven so it will remain at room temperature.

With time and use, the stone will acquire some discoloration due to the seasoning process, but let it be known that the discoloration is safe and will not change the taste of the food. Cleaning the stone requires wiping with a damp cloth after cooling it down. For more extensive instructions, the item comes with detailed maintenance and cleaning instructions, plus some recipes.

When it comes to heat distribution, the stone does a great job. It distributes heat evenly, thus the pizza will remain warm for a while even after users have taken the pizza out of the oven. Its 16-inch size is great for family-sized pizzas, which makes it ideal for parties and gatherings.

The stone’s top has a flat surface so you can slice and serve the pizza directly. The stoneware also includes 8 feet, which are situated beneath the stone so it will remain balanced on the shelf of the oven.

Customers who have purchased the item all agreed that its main benefit was its thermal shock resistance. The stone was also capable of taking in moisture, which results into a crispy crust with a chewy texture that’s just right. Like great baking stones, it is ready to endure extreme heat.


It did surpass my expectations, but high-fat foods will not work on this stoneware because the stone rates highly when it comes to absorbing moisture and it can also take in fat, which means it can cause odors to be released during the process of baking. While they are practically harmless, discolorations do occur on the stone due to time and usage. Users will also have to remember not to use to the stone while it’s still wet.


Old Stone Oven’s baking stoneware is one of the most trusted kitchen aids in the business, so it is not quite a surprise why plenty of people trust them. This pizza stone has my approval and the rectangular Pizza Stone model from Old Stone Oven is worth the money and investment.

UPDATE! 24 Months Use…..how did it do?

So here at amazinghomemadepizza.com we don’t just do a review and then leave it at that.  Oh no!  A key part of the review process is ensuring that the product will last.  So with that mind we use the product for whole 2 years, then and only then can we complete a review!

Old stones oven pizza stone is made by the largest US manufacture of pizza stones and it does well.  Its a mid range priced pizza stone and for the money you cant beat it.  Its been used roughly once a week since the start of the review and it has never let us down.

It is pretty robust and although this one was never dropped from a great height (unlike a few of our others!) it doesn’t have a mark on it.  No cracks, chips or anything.

Care wise its ok.  Cleaning as always with a larger rectangular shaped pizza stone was a little more challenging then a circular one but it wasn’t by any means that bad.  Ours still looks like brand new!

We have heard of a few buyers complaining of a chemically smell upon first use but ours has never had that issue at all.  I don’t know if the manufacture process has changed or something but suspect that heating up to a really high temperature prior to cooking on it would probably resolve that issue on the few who have reported it.

All in all its had a solid performance and is still a solid buy in our book.

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