How to Clean a Pizza Stone

Avid readers of ours will know that we have spoken about this subject a couple of times in the past but and its an important but this is still the single biggest question we get asked every month.

When we have covered this subject in the past we usually just tagged it on to part of another post but it is important because if you don’t get it right you can ruin your pizza stone.  So we decided to dedicate an entire post to the subject.

Benefits of Cleaning your Stone Properly

If you own or intend to buy a pizza stone then you have made or about to make an investment and its one we whole heartily recommend for all sorts of reason.  Like any investment you should try to protect it.

The best way to do that with a pizza stone is to make sure you use it correctly and treat it the proper way.  The main mistakes we see people make is with cleaning.  If you don’t clean it correctly you risk ruining the flavor of your pizzas.

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