How Much Should You Tip For Pizza Delivery Guy?

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In the United States, it is customary to tip for a variety of services; you would tip your restaurant server, your hairdresser and your cab driver, so it would only seem right that you tip the delivery driver when you order pizza. But one of the most common questions about tipping food delivery drivers is how much you should tip.

For food delivery under $20, the tip should be a minimum of $3, however, any higher than this and other customs apply.

In this article, we are going to be looking at how much you should offer as a tip for delivery orders and how the amount you give to services workers for a service will vary according to various factors.

How Much Do You Tip A Pizza Delivery Driver?

A pizza driver might only earn around $2 an hour, and this is because, with their tips, their hourly wage is likely to exceed the federal minimum wage. However, if the minimum wage is not met for a particular pay period, their employer is required to make sure that they cover the difference so that their employees have a basic salary.

That being said, delivery drivers are not on a great wage, so tipping is important. But how much to tip could be a point of confusion, especially when you factor in delivery fees, which a lot of people assume automatically go to the food delivery driver; but this is not always the case.

You should check with the pizza delivery driver whether the delivery charge counts as a tip. If it does not, you should know how much should you tip for the pizza delivery guy’s service.

For a food order that comes in over $20, you would work out how much to tip the pizza delivery person by 10-15% of the total order. However, you might tip less if the service was not what you expected. As a general rule, you would tip 10% of the order if the service was poor, for example, if the pizza delivery driver was not friendly or the food was not delivered in a fit state; other than general wear and tear of the packaging or thing beyond the control of the delivery driver.

If the service was normal, you would tip15% and if the service was excellent, you might offer a tip of 20%. If you are paying with your credit card then you can still tip; this is done when you present the credit card, there is an option on the reader to add a tip.

How Much Do You Tip For A $20 Pizza?

As we have mentioned, service workers like your delivery driver might receive a different tip if the order is under $20. As a guide, a pizza under this price would need a minimum tip of $3. How much to tip the pizza delivery driver might change if you feel they have gone above and beyond, for example, getting your food to you quickly despite bad weather.

You should also check whether the delivery fee goes to the driver.

Is $5 A Good Tip For Pizza Delivery Drivers?

Everyone would get away with offering s $5 service fee but a $5 tip should be increased if it is a larger order; in this case, you might still want to add 10-15% of the total bill on top of this.

What Is A Good Tip For Orders Over $50

For bigger orders, you will need to calculate 10-15% of the total bill, but in a lot of cases, people will give an additional $5 minimum tip in this case to the delivery driver. Again, you might consider the quality of the service and adjust the percentage of your tip accordingly.

What's The Difference Between Delivery Fees And A Tip?

There are some delivery companies who will take the delivery fee for themselves, while other ones will allow the food delivery person to keep it. When you place your order, you should ask the person about this. However, even if the driver does receive this, the money would likely go towards the cost of running their vehicle and not directly to them. That is where a tip is different; it goes straight into the pocket of the delivery man.

Do You Tip In The UK?

As a general rule, pizza delivery persons do not receive a customary tip in the United Kingdom. However, that is not to say that you cannot tip. If you feel that the person is particularly deserving or has gone above and beyond the call of duty, then it is perfectly acceptable to offer a small gratuity.

Customers in the UK might also offer a tip during the festive season.


Understanding the amount you should offer to your pizza driver as a tip can be confusing, particularly if you are not used to this custom. As a rule of thumb, tipping between 10-15% will be sufficient for a pizza delivery man or woman.

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