Crustina Rectangular Pizza Stone Review

Pizza stones are hot property of great pizza makers. They churn out often excellent results. If you are fond of making pizzas for family and friends, adding this outstanding kitchen tool in your array of cooking equipment is a great investment. Crustina’s 14 x 16-inch Rectangular Pizza Stone can serve not only as a handy device for your barbecue feasts, it can also be used on the pizza stone oven too. Now you can add pizzas on your BBQ lineup during summer outdoor parties by using this nifty tool.


  • Versatile baking stone can be used for other foods apart from pizza, like bread, scones and cookies due to its rectangular shape
  • Exceedingly-porous surface makes for higher levels of absorbency which means the stone is capable of taking in most of the moisture occurring inside the oven while at the same time, retain and heat efficiently
  • Excellent heat retention makes the pizza stone capable of carrying heat effectively to add thermal capacity and transmit heat across the oven and the pizza evenly
  • Can be used in grill and oven
  • Provides bigger surface area for baking compared to circular stones
  • Includes e-book with tasty pizza stone recipes from pizza toppings, dough, sauces and even desserts.


As mentioned earlier, investing on a pizza stone is you love making the dish is a must. Then again, you have to think about some factors first, before deciding to purchase it.

With this item on hand, making delicious pizzas with the perfect crispy-chewy crust is made simpler. You can wow your friends and family with your creations whatever the topping or cheese on hand. With the right pizza stone, you won’t have to sacrifice taste, or your wits.

Now Crustina’s Rectangular Pizza Stone has great heat-retention capabilities as I have observed. The heat was spread out evenly throughout the surface. I made my own garlic and cheese pizza with the stone and I was satisfied with the turnout; the golden-brown crisp crust, excellent slivers of mozzarella melted down into one gooey, yummy perfection, so I give this one a thumbs-up. Nothing burned and no parts were left partly-baked.

It has some heft like all good pizza stones do. But handling the whole thing was made easier thanks to the company’s inclusion of “feet” on its underside. It has an overall weight of 11 pounds and it has a very solid feel to it. Be careful taking that thing out of the oven though, because as I have said, it’s on the heavier side.

As for its presentation, the product came in a presentable box, plus you can check out a number of recipes printed on the box’s back as well. Most recipes are for tomato sauce, regular pizza toppings and dough recipes that complement the workings of the stone. The box also includes a short description of the pizza stone together with precise cleaning and maintenance instructions.

It measures 14-inch by 16-inch and it is capable of accommodating 1 huge pizza or 4 downsized ones. The rectangular shape, of course, allows for more baking surface and it also allows users to take advantage of the constrained space available in the oven. It’s quite versatile as well since it can be used for barbecue grills. Other than pizzas, you can use it to warm your scones, make bread or quesadillas.

When it comes to cleaning and maintenance, all you have to do with it is clean the whole thing with water and let the item air-dry. This process will season the stone and frequent usage will season it even more.

Customers have come forward with what they like about the item. Several consumers said that they like the fact that the item was thicker compared to other stones, which means it will last for a longer time, even more if provided proper care. It was thick enough to withstand thermal shock.


There were no cons when it comes to this item – me and all satisfied customers who got the item can all agree that this thing works!


Crustina’s Rectangular Pizza Stone is worth the money and highly recommended for cooks who need a versatile stone.

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