Best Bread Machine Pizza Dough

It is undeniable that pretty much everybody out there loves pizza. It really does not matter what race, religion, age, sex, or nationality people are, pizza is one of those things which everybody can agree on. It’s a super tasty meal and a slice or two can make for a great snack. Now, how you actually get and make the pizza is a different story altogether.

You could make one of those frozen pizzas, but those never taste right. Sure, you could get a delivery pizza, but those are already old when they get to your door, not to mention that they are expensive. Making your own pizza from scratch is undoubtedly the best way to go about it. Some people buy ready-made pizza dough, but that is not ideal either.

Making your own dough from scratch is how you are supposed to do it. However, this does not mean that you need to knead your own dough like people would have done 50 years ago. You can always get a dough and bread maker which takes all of the hard work out of the equation. That being said, finding the right bread machine for making pizza dough is not easy. This is why we are here today – to help you find the best bread machine for pizza dough – so let’s get right to it and look at 5 really nice options to be considered.

Hamilton Beach Bread Maker

If you are on the hunt for a good bread maker for pizza dough, the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a top option to keep in mind. For one, this machine has a pretty large capacity. It can hold up to 2 pounds of dough at once, which as you might recognize, when it comes to pizza, is a whole lot of dough. The setting is for 2 pounds, but there is also a setting specially made for 1.5 pounds of dough, so you can choose whatever works best for you.

Now, the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is a bread maker, but it can make pizza dough and other thick dough with ease. What we really like about this bread maker is that it is an express option. In other words, it does not take long to make your dough, nor is it very hard to use. All you have to do is add all of the required ingredients, choose the weight setting, then let it get to work. It features a very easy-to-control settings panel; there are only a few buttons to choose from, so getting it right is really not that hard. The display is large, so in case you misplace your glasses, you can still easily read it.

Another thing that you might really like about the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is that you can select from various crust settings. You can choose between light, medium, and dark crust, which is convenient because not everybody likes their pizza dough the same way. When it comes to the interior of the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker, it features a non-stick kneading pan, one that dough is easy to remove from.

Also, the kneading pan is removable, so after you are done making dough, just take it out and wash it. Yes, this is dishwasher friendly, another clear bonus. Finally, the Hamilton Beach Bread Maker is also quite compact, making it an ideal choice for kitchens with limited space.


  • Easy to control
  • Large display panel
  • Choose between 1.5 and 2 pound dough settings
  • Let’s you choose crust setting
  • Has 2 kneading paddles
  • Removable, non-stick, dishwasher safe pan


  • Not the most durable dough maker in the world
  • Very loud and vibrates

Pohl Schmitt Stainless Steel Bread Machine Bread Maker

This is another great 2-in-1 bread and dough machine to go with, one that has a lot of different settings that you can choose from. This is technically a bread maker, one that bakes your bread and other things for you. However, it can also be used as a dough-making machine for bread and pizza dough too.

This machine comes with kneading paddles that make quick work out of any ingredients you put in the bread machine. You can just add in all of the ingredients and it will mix the dough for you. It even comes with a fruit and nut dispenser, which is great for fruit and nut breads, although not terribly useful for making any kind of pizza dough.

We like the Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine because it is fairly small and compact. It can easily fit into any cupboard or onto any counter top. Size should not be a problem. Now, with this dough and bread maker, you can choose between 1.5 and 2 pound loaves. The fact that there is a selection here is quite nice, we do have to say. Although, once again, this feature is best for actually baking bread, not just for mixing dough.

Also, you can choose to make the dough and bake it right away, the entire process which takes about 90 minutes. Admittedly, this is quite a while to make some simple dough, but it still gets the job done. You can also choose the delay setting, which delays the dough-making process by however long you select. The Pohl Schmitt Bread Machine comes with an easy-to-program display. The buttons are not very hard to navigate, although the display is not very large and may be a little hard to read, especially if you misplace those reading glasses of yours.


  • Easy to use
  • Easy to navigate display
  • Can make many different breads and dough
  • Bakes your bread for you
  • Can be used just for making pizza dough
  • Fairly small and compact


  • Outer shell lacks durability
  • Display is a little small and hard to read

Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker

Yet another great dough and bread maker to go with, the Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker definitely excels at making pizza dough. For one, it features an advanced kneading paddle that works really well to mix all of the ingredients together with ease. When it comes to making bread, the kneading paddles can be removed before the baking phase. Of course, when it comes to making pizza dough, this is irrelevant, as you will not be baking the dough inside of the Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker, but rather in the oven with all of the pizza toppings.

The Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker is a durable dough maker and bread baker. It is made with solid stainless steel, which is always nice because you know that it won’t rust, plus it is scratch resistant. In terms of its size, while this machine is a bit heavy, it is still more than small and compact enough to fit in any kitchen space with ease.

In terms of the bread pan, it can be easily removed for washing. Now, dough may stick to it a bit, especially uncooked pizza dough, but pizza dough tends to be a bit sticky either way. The point is that the pan is removable, which helps make things easier when it comes to cleanup time.

In terms of making bread, the Breville BBM800XL Bread Maker has a ton of different settings for various kinds of bread and dough. It even comes with a little recipe book so you can make dough and bread of all sorts, especially those which are ideal to make with this particular machine. We like how you can delay how long the machine takes to get started with making dough, which is also true for the baking process itself. The fruit and nut dispenser, although totally useless for making pizza dough, is nice for making bread.


  • Very durable outer shell
  • Very modern looking
  • Efficient and kneading dough
  • Also bakes bread
  • Many different settings
  • Features a delayed-start setting


Most features are simply irrelevant for making pizza dough

COSORI Bread Machine Maker Dough Mixer

One of the things that stands out about the Corsori Bread Maker is that it has a fantastic LCD display. The display is backlit so you can always see what is going on, the characters are quite large and easy to read, and the buttons are easy to navigate. There are not too many settings to choose from on the display, and not too many buttons, which means that this bread maker is quite easy to understand and user-friendly. Making pizza dough with the Corsori Bread Maker is definitely not rocket science.

As is the case with all of the machines listed here today, none of them are solely dough makers. They are all dough makers and bread makers, which will bake your bread and can be used for just kneading pizza dough. The Corsori Bread Maker comes with high-quality and specially designed kneading paddles to ensure that the ingredients are all evenly mixed. What does need to be noted here is that this is a gluten-free bread maker. In other words, while it does not do the best job at making regular pizza dough, it does excel at making gluten-free pizza dough.

Here you can choose between 1, 1.5, and 2 pound loaves, which admittedly is important for making bread, but not pizza dough. Yet, the takeaway here is that the Corsori Bread Maker can be used to make a fair amount of pizza dough in one go. We also like the compact build, as it can easily fit in pretty much any kitchen space out. The stainless steel exterior is a nice addition too, not to mention the easy-to-remove tray that can be washed in the dishwasher.


  • Nice outer shell
  • Works very quickly
  • Kneads ingredients together well
  • Can bake all kinds of gluten free things
  • Easy to control display
  • Fairly compact


  • Most features are only relevant for making bread
  • Screws are a bit fragile, as well as the hinges

KBS Automatic Bread Machine

If you need a really nice bread maker to knead some pizza dough for you, the KBS Bread Machine is another good option to keep in mind. This machine works really fast to efficiently knead pizza dough. It features 4.5 rotations per second, which combined with the state-of-the-art kneading arm, provides for some really fluffy and thoroughly mixed dough. What is also nice is that you can choose to start the machine whenever you want, which is thanks to the delayed-start feature which is easily programmable.

The KBS Bread Machine features a really nice stainless steel shell, one that looks modern, does not rust, and does not easily scratch. This machine also comes with a dishwasher safe removable dough and bread pan; even if your pizza dough sticks a bit, it can be easily removed from the pan. When it comes down to it, the KBS Bread Machine is another space friendly, compact, and user-friendly bread maker that bakes bread just as well as it kneads pizza dough.


The bottom line is that using a bread maker to make pizza dough is much easier than kneading it yourself. Using one of these machines means that you don’t need to get your fingers dirty, plus it is a lot quicker and easier. If you want really good pizza dough, using a bread maker to make your own at home is by far the best way to go about it. Just make sure you allow the dough time to proof properly at room temperature. We would recommend looking at one of the five above options we have reviewed. By all means, they are the best bread makers for pizza dough out there at this time, so choose wisely!

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