9 Best Pizza Making Youtube Channels 2020

neapolitan pizza

Youtube is in an incredible place to learn new skills and pizza making is no different.  

While there are a lot of individual videos uploaded (some of questionable quality/accuracy) we wanted to share with you some channels that are actually dedicated to the art of pizza making.

We have listed the 9 best channels right now that will actually help you become a better pizza chef!

9. Got2EatPizza

This channel is regualarly updated with new videos each week and shares some great insights into small home pizza ovens and the best ways to use them.

We liked how they show the process from start to finish so you really get a clear picture of what to expect and how to craft your very own pizza.  Its also great if you are thinking about getting a small dedicated pizza oven for home.

Always makes me want to fire up my own oven when I watch any of their videos!

8. Brooklyn Pizza Crew

The name says it all here.  Focused on the world famous New York Pizza style this channel covers some fantastic tips on how to recreate it in your own home.

This one would have been higher up of list but the guys are obviously busy and there hasn’t been much content added in recent times.  The videos that are there are well worth the watch and will definitely help any ambitious home pizza chef.

Please come back guys and show us some more of your pizza making tips!

7. Peddling Pizza

This channel is run by a British guy called Adam who makes amazing Neapolitan pizzas.  What we love about this channel is Adam is super helpful at giving the perfect information to recreate your own Neapolitan pizzas at home.  He also uses the Roccbox showing that you dont have to spend thousands on a custom built pizza oven to get stunning results.  Adam has also featured on Gozneys channel making pizza dough.

Adam is a super busy guy so he doesn’t up date his channel much but he is very active on Instagram.  You wont go far wrong if you just watch the stuff he has on there already.

6. Fidel Montoya

Great channel, loads of content and most importantly some really really good tips for getting the best results at home even if you don’t have all the equipment you would like.

More more more please!


5. Ooni Pizza Ovens

This channel is produced by the pizza oven manufacturer Ooni and it shares some fantastic ideas about making your own pizza creations at home.

Obviously its heavily focused on their own gear but has some awesome tips for the home pizza chef.

4. Gozney

Similar to number 5 in our list, Gozney are a pizza oven manufacture and this channel is dedicated to helping people get the best results.  Again they obviously focus on using their products etc but there is some really good quality content on this channel.

In particular we like the videos on what else you can make in your pizza oven.  It has certainly inspired us to try a few of them!

3. Gigio Attanasio

Gigio has a big following on Youtube and has some great content on home pizza making. Filmed in Italian but has subtitles so its easy to follow.

 Great tips on authentic Italian pizza making.

2. Vincenzo's Plate

A channel all about authentic Italian cooking but does have a heavy focus on Pizza so we really like it. Awesome tips on pizza making and if you want you can branch out into pasta and other Italian dishes.

1. Vito Iacopelli

With so many great content makers its tough to choose who would be at the number one spot.  We love Vitos channel because there is tons of content and he updates this every single week with even more.

The best thing is all the step by step processes you can follow no matter what equipment or ingredients you are working with.  Keep up the awesome channel Vito!

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