ROCKSHEAT 14.2″x 0.6″ Round Cordierite Pizza Stone

The pizza stone is a handy kitchen device used for baking. It can be made from stone, ceramic or even salt material. The pizza is placed on the surface of the baking stone, put in the oven and baked. Some pizza stone’s manual advise customers that they heat the stone first before baking for better results.

It can make significant improvements in the taste and texture of your homemade creations without requiring a specific pizza oven, which can cost you plenty of dollars to have it built up. If you like eating and creating pizzas, this is something worth investing in.

There are plenty of brands crafting their own line of pizza stones and for this article, we are going to review the Rocksheat Round Cordierite Pizza Stone.


  • Versatile pizza stone that can be used for indoor/outdoor ovens and gas grills
  • 0.6-inch thickness makes for higher levels of heat capacity
  • Includes high-quality foam in the packaging to avoid cracks and breakage
  • Made with specially-formulated cordierite material that can withstand temperatures up to 1400-degrees F
  • Can bake not only pizzas, but breads, cookies, biscuits and scones as well
  • Safety-regulated and passes high FDA, RoHS, EC and LFGB standards


Rocksheat’s Round Cordierite Pizza Stone churns out great pizzas and only features a few minor drawbacks. Since the whole stone is made with cordierite material, it will season accordingly with frequent use, thus paving the way for even better pizzas.

This is a minimal stone that has a round shape and has the engravings of the company logo on it. The logo is actually placed there to let users determine where the bottom of the stone is situated. Baking on the surface of the logo-marked part will embellish the pizza and will also leave marks on the logo which will be quite difficult to clean up.

The stone does not have any handles so you have to be extra-cautious when taking the stone away from the oven or grill. You might have to purchase a pizza peel for this ( a turning peel is also advisable ) ( a turning peel is also advisable ). The stone has dimensions of approximately 14 inches in terms of diameter and has a thickness of 0.6 inches. It weighs a bit over 6.2 pounds, somewhat lighter than most pizza stones.

The thickness might seem a little tin, but according to Rocksheat this is the “golden thickness” for cooking pizzas.

Cordierite is actually an excellent material for baking surface of this kind, though cleanup is a bit of a challenge compared to ceramic-glazed stones. Cordierite has an exceedingly high temperature limit and it is outstanding when it comes to enduring normal rates of thermal shock. While pizzas do have a tendency to stick on its surface, this will be easily remedied by putting a generous quantity of cornmeal to its cooking façade.

One great thing about this stone is that it comes ready seasoned, so you can use it immediately.

Also, users should first clean the item with water before using, then dry it for a maximum of ten hours. After that, the stone has to be baked in the oven at 450 degrees F for 2 hours. This is a preparation required to set up the stone for plenty of usage.

While it is a bit slimmer and lighter than standard stones, it performed well on my oven’s highest setting, which makes it durable.


As mentioned, cleanup and maintenance is extensive and will require effort. Users have to follow all given instructions. The stone cannot be simply cleaned with just water, thus you have to roll up your sleeves and spend some time washing this one. The stone does not feature any handles as well and it’s a bit small if you are fond of making bigger pizzas.

Another issue is that it cannot handle oil at all, so deep pan pizzas will need something below them to stop oil and cheese getting on the stone.

The instructions are also badly written, likely a bad translation from the original Chinese.


Rocksheat’s Round Cordierite Pizza Stone has its great advantages, but it is not for individuals who are not into high-maintenance stones. Although it provided excellent results, you have to think twice whether you want to put plenty of time for cleaning such a stone.

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