Pizza Delivery Bag Heated | Top 3 Insulated Pizza Bags 2020

Getting your perfectly cooked pizzas to your customers in time and still piping hot is an important part of running a pizza restaurant. Some companies don’t pride themselves on delivering heated pizzas. Still, we know that you want every one of your customers to experience the true delight of eating a hot and fresh pizza, so finding an insulated pizza delivery bag that will keep the food hot is essential.

There are many excellent heated pizza delivery bag options out there for those in the food delivery industry.

In this article, we are going to be looking at some of the things you would look for when shopping for food delivery bags as well as showing you our top 3 heated pizza delivery bag products.

What To Look For When Buying An Insulated Pizza Delivery Bag

As with any product, it is essential that you take the time to researched food delivery bags before you commit to buying anything. Your pizza bag will likely get a lot of use, especially since food delivery service demands are only growing, and customers want hot pizzas that are of high quality. This can only be achieved by buying a pizza delivery bag that will keep the food warm.

Before we start looking at our favourite pizza thermal bags, we are going to look at the features you should be looking out for to ensure that you get a pizza delivery bag that meets your needs.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects to consider in your pizza delivery bag is the size – these pizza delivery bags come in a range of sizes, but you want to make sure that even your largest pizza boxes will fit comfortably inside. This will ensure that they are kept hot and will make life a lot easier for your delivery carrier.

However, you should also make sure that you don’t choose a bag that is too big since this will mean that the pizza boxes might slide around during the delivery. You would not want to turn up at your number 1 customers place and serve them messy food that is far from well-presented – this is a surefire way to lose orders.


For the purposes of this article, we are looking at insulated pizza delivery bag products, and it is vital that you choose on that has been made using materials that will keep the pizzas hot.

You should consider how far you are able to deliver – some pizza services offer very local delivery services, and this would mean that you don’t need a delivery bag that remains hot for as long. However, if you offer a service that will see your delivery driver travelling half an hour or longer, your needs will be vastly different, and you will need a pizza thermal bag that can maintain hot pizzas for the entire time.

When sourcing your pizza delivery bag, it is important to this about the price – more often than not, if you purchase a cheap heated deliver the bag, you will get a substandard product. This might be made with cheap materials that will not retain the heat well and won’t have a sophisticated heat system or heating element that can help with delivering hot pizzas.

The material that is used inside the pizza bag will depend on how good the pizza thermal bag is. You will find that a variety of these bags feature a foam interior that is excellent at retaining the heat inside the pizza bag. There are usually two types of foam; open and closed cell. In the main, closed-cell foam will offer greater insulation.

Additionally, you may find bags with a nylon interior which is water-resistant and will keep the pizza hot without the risk of steam, making it soggy. Alternatively, you might select a bag with a PVC interior that is far easier to clean but will not offer the water-proof capabilities of a nylon lining. The type you choose will vastly depend on the length of the delivery journey.


Looks are not everything but you want to promote your brand is a positive light, and for those in the food delivery industry, the pizza delivery bag is often one of the only things that your customers see, aside from the food.

There are so many heated pizza delivery bags out there in a huge range of sizes and colours. If your company colours are blue and red, for example, you may consider buying an insulated pizza delivery bag in these colours. Furthermore, you may decide to have the company logo printed on the bag.

First impressions are everything, and you want to consider every aspect of delivery from the moment the pizza comes out of the oven up until it reaches your customer at their home.


In the main, an insulated pizza delivery bag will be made from either vinyl or nylon with nylon bags being a little more expensive. This is because nylon pizza delivery bags are breathable, and this will mean that steam can escape from the pizza bag without losing heat at the same time.

Vinyl pizza delivery bags are less expensive but are only suitable for shorter journeys since the moisture will remain inside the bag, and this could cause the pizza to deteriorate in quality. If you cannot deliver well-insulated food, this might be another way of losing regular orders.

Easy To Clean

You will need to keep your pizza delivery bag clean; this will make it look nicer for longer but will also prevent cross-contamination between food products and stop bacteria from building up.

All insulated pizza delivery bag products can be wiped clean using a damp cloth, but there are quite a few that are dishwasher safe. Of course, if your pizza delivery bag has an internal heating element or is electrically wired in any way, this will not be suitable to put in the dishwasher.

In any case, you will want to be sure that you find a heated pizza delivery bag that is easy to clean between uses.

Closure Type

Each pizza delivery bag will differ slightly in terms of how it closes. In the main, there are three types of fastenings for this type of delivery system and choosing the right one requires you to understand the benefits and function of each.

  • A zip fastening pizza delivery bag will feature a zip, and this is a great way to keep the heat inside the bag, whilst also keeping the pizza boxes safe. Furthermore, a zip is a very quick and easy fastening to use meaning that you won’t be leaving your customers waiting while you fiddle with challenging fastenings.
  • A velcro pizza bag is great if you want the added security that the pizza boxes will not fall out and become damaged during transportation. These fastenings are extremely easy to undo but also simple to reclose once you have made the delivery.
  • Finally, there is the buckle fastening pizza bag which offers the most secure form of delivery and will not come undone unless you want it to. This is great, but it is important to keep in mind that this type of pizza bag will be a little more fiddly to open and close.


It is certainly worth investing in a good-quality pizza delivery bag for your business, and many of the modern bags come with excellent additional features that can make your delivery system effective.

You might notice that there are heated pizza bags that have stain-resistant nylon stitching and whilst this doesn’t serve a purpose where heating is concerned, it will make the bag look nicer, and this is often just as important to your customers as the food delivery itself.

Other pizza deliver bags might boast strong handles, but one of the great advantages of you buying a delivery bag with add-ons is that you will find a removal padding that is used to line the bag when you are carrying less food.

Top 3 Insulated Pizza Bags 2020

As we have mentioned, there are many excellent pizza delivery bags out there that will ensure your hot pizza gets to the right place at the right temperature and in the right condition.

We have sourced three of the best insulated pizza bags, and we are confident that adding them to your delivery system will improve the quality of the food and the service.

PizzaBag WarmBag

This product is the epitome of power and boasts a sophisticated heating element that is guaranteed to keep your pizza warm from the oven to the customer no matter how long it takes to get there.

The pizza delivery bag comes in a choice of two sizes so you can choose one that will meet your needs. it is a bright red colour and is extremely lightweight, which is important to avoid putting a strain on your delivery driver as he or she carries the pizza delivery bag around.

It has an easy to use power cable that gets the heaters going and is perfect for pre-warming the bag before you hit the road.

Hendi Pizza Delivery Bag

The Hendi pizza delivery bag is one of our favourite pizza thermal bags for a variety of reasons. Primarily, this is an affordable pizza delivery bag that does not compromise on quality. The way that this heated pizza delivery bag has been put together demonstrates just how effective it is.

It has thermal insulation which will ensure that those pizza boxes stay nice and hot during the delivery journey and boasts a secure fastening so that no heat can escape.

This is quite a large bag that is ideal for bulk pizza delivery and especially handy for larger companies who receive a lot of orders.

The insulated pizza delivery bag is crafted from high-quality material that is very easy to clean – this is a great way of making a good impression on your customers. Furthermore, the anti-slip handles mean that there is no danger of accidents in which the pizza boxes might be dropped and the pizza ruined.

Aviiator Hot Food Delivery Bag

We have truly saved the best for last; this is an incredible pizza delivery bag that boasts so many impressive features, it isn’t difficult to see why it is one of the favourite products of pizza delivery services in the country.

As far as a pizza delivery bag goes, this one is incredibly good-looking and professional. We have talked about making a good first impression and not only will this bag meet your needs here, but it will also far exceed them. The sleek navy blue design with a smart logo oozes class.

Where functionality is concerned, this pizza delivery bag will give you the reassurance that the pizza will always arrive hot and tasty. It is made from a 600D Oxford grade material and boasts an aluminium lining that offers double insulation. If you need an insulated pizza delivery bag that will never let you down; this is it.

This pizza delivery bag is also far larger than many others and is ideal for the delivery system that is busy and receives larger orders. It also has a range of other features such as a padded shoulder strap and an internal divider to keep the pizza boxes separate.


There is no denying that an insulated pizza delivery bag will make your delivery service very effective thanks to its ability to keep the pizza hot and fresh from the moment it comes out of the oven to the minute it arrives on your customer’s doorstep.

However, it is also difficult to deny that there are many heated pizza delivery bag products that are inferior and will not live up to your expectations. The pizza delivery bags that we have listed in this post are fantastic products that will keep the pizza hot and offer a wide selection of add-ons that can make using the delivery bag a delight.

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