Heritage, 15 inch Black Ceramic Pizza Stone Review

Everybody loves pizza. In fact, in my opinion, it is a complete meal in one—good old classics like the Supreme for one has meat in the form of beef and pepperoni, a medley of vegetables like green peppers, tomatoes (from the sauce), red onions and mushrooms, plus it has dairy in the form of cheese and carbs with the baked dough.

For vegetarians, the pizza Margherita is a complete meal. Now if you want to create the perfect pizza with those golden-brown crusts, you might want to have a little help from a pizza stone.

It is something that avid cooks and foodies have raved, thus we are here to present a review of Heritage’s 15-inch Ceramic Pizza Stone, in case you want a handy reference of the product. Read on and find out more about this helpful kitchen aid.


  • Capable of heating 50 percent faster than its competition
  • Will not release odors while cooking the pizza so your food tastes good throughout
  • Includes ceramic finish so pizzas won’t stick to its surface and will easily slip into and off of the stone
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Long-lasting and features excellent thermal capacity
  • Measures 15-inch overall
  • Can be used as a cooking stone for other kinds of food
  • Includes free pizza cutter


Heritage’s Ceramic Pizza Stone promises not to crack or given in to breakage while inside the oven. Its ceramic glaze makes for easy sliding of the dish on and off of it and it also makes for easier cleanup. We have purchased the item because we liked what other reviewers have said about the stone.

We are after a pizza with a chewy crust and after the wait, we were surprised and chuffed at the results—the dough had that scrumptious brown hue that all great pizzas have, the top wes moderately browned throughout!

What makes it work is its thick, high-grade ceramic that is capable of heating fast and retains heat longer than other stones we have tried in the past. It provides balanced heating so what you will get is a pizza that is nicely-baked.

Other than that, because of its excellent ways of holding heat, it can endure temperatures clocking over 600 degrees F, and it can be used on the grill as well. No cracking, no splitting, this bad boy is indeed durable.

Other than that, its black color will not show messes and also makes for a chic warming platter placed on your dining table. Due to the ceramic glaze, which is non-stick, cleanup is easy. For most of us, simple cleanup and maintenance procedures are huge selling points, and this particular stone model from Heritage is a nice choice for individuals who do not want to exert too much effort when it comes to cleaning up.

As for other folks’ positive feedback? They all loved that washing and maintaining the stone is pretty simple. The stone also provides faster baking time and it is capable of enduring higher temperatures compared to other stones.

In addition, the majority of customers who bought the item were happy that the stone did not emit any strange odors and tastes to the food, which is a recurring problem for some pizza stones.


While the black color is indeed stylish and makes for a great warming platter, it can make cleanup sort of a challenge because it can make some burn stains undetectable. It has a round shape as well so it cannot be used for square pizzas. One customer said that the item stains and it does not clean up completely so she was not satisfied with her purchase.


Heritage’s Black Ceramic Pizza Stone is a good buy if you want a stone that can hold extreme temperatures for better results. It is also perfect for users who like baking on the grill. However, others might be put off with the staining issues; but if you are after high heat retention capabilities this is a worthwhile purchase.


So we don’t just review something for an hour and then forget about it here at Amazing Home Made Pizza oh no!  If you are going to make an investment into a piece of extra kitchen equipment then we certainly feel that its important how it performs over an extended period of time.  We wouldn’t be happy if we bought something and it only lasted a few uses.  We want to know its going to last for a long time and also not suffer any loss of performance during that time.

In most cases we test and try for at least 2 years.   When started this review this pizza stone came pretty much top of the pile, so how do it fair over an entire 2 year period?

Well when we first unwrapped it we were immediately impressed with its sturdy build quality.  Its perhaps no surprise to anyone then (least of all us) that it has certainly lived up to those early first impressions.

It has been used almost twice a week on average during the whole 2 years arguably a higher level of use than it might have in your average household.  During the that test time it never skipped a beat.  Producing perfect pizza crusts time after time.

We experienced no damage to at all to it in this time.  No cracks, no chips and no scratches.

One thing we would urge you to check though before purchasing – the size of your oven!  This is a large pizza stone and we know of some who found it just wouldn’t fit in their oven.  Sometimes you can get around this by removing one of the oven shelves (always choose the top shelf if doing this, you want to get the pizza stone into the hottest part of the oven) but even that wouldn’t work in all cases.  If you have checked the size and all is good then happy days!

Cleaning was easy.  Yes its big but the round shape made it easy to handle and because of the non stick surface we found it pretty much just wiped clean.  No hard scrubbing required!

One of the advantages stated by the makers is that it heats up twice as fast as other pizza stones.  We certainly felt it reached temperature quickly.  In reality its unlikely that once you get it home you start measuring the temperature before you put the pizza on it.  Most people will just heat their oven up with the pizza stone already in it to ensure the stone does not crack (this can happen if you put a cold pizza stone into an extremely hot oven.  At least with this stone you can rest assured that as soon as your oven is ready so will your pizza stone be ready.

The non slip surface was excellent (we have had issues with one or 2 pizza stones sticking in the past).  With Heritages stone the pizzas just slid off very easily.   Which is excellent because there is nothing worse than spending hours making dough, preparing your oven, preparing your toppings, inviting all your friends around and then ruining your pizza because you have to basically scrap it off the pizza stone (trust me its happened to me and its not funny)!

All in all this is easily one of our favorite pizza stones.  solid, strong (the manufacture even gives a lifetime guarantee) and easy to use.  Highly recommended.

manufactured by https://skysolutionsusa.com/

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