Bamboo Pizza Peel – Top 5 Pizza Peels For Home Use

A bamboo pizza peel is a one of the most favoured types of pizza paddle thanks to its long-lasting nature and sturdy design. They are the best option for making and serving pizza and their wooden appearance makes them look incredible in the kitchen.

But there are many products on the market and so it can be tricky to find the right pizza peel for you. But before you commit to a decision and make a purchase, why not take a look at some of our reviews of the best bamboo pizza peels with free shipping on many of these items and a lot of interesting features, you are sure to find a bamboo pizza paddle that you love!

Many of the best pizza peels will be sown on page 1 of Google, but it takes a little more research to find the ones that really stand out and can claim to be the best pizza paddle in the world. A bamboo peel is slightly harder to source, since there are many types of wood that manufacturers use to make a paddle. Wooden ones are common but you will also find the metal pizza peel to be very good.

What To Look For In A Bamboo Peel For Pizza

When looking at bamboo peels for pizza, it is important to consider certain features, this will help you find the best bamboo paddle for pizza. Let’s take a look at what you should look for in a bamboo peel for pizza.

  • The size is important as you will want a bamboo peel for pizza that can actually fit your pizza comfortably. Look at the inch details for the length and width to give you a clear idea.
  • You should also look at the handle as this can make a difference. The handle should be lengthy and easy to grip. Most bamboo peel for pizzas will feature a handle that meets both of these needs and should be able to reach to the back of the grill.
  • Getting your bamboo peel for pizza with shipping for free is excellent and many manufacturers and sellers will offer shipping for no additional cost. This is important as a high-end bamboo peel for pizza will not necessarily be cheap so if shipping is included, this can make a difference.
  • The bamboo should be of such a standard that the pizza will slide off it without a problem. You do not leave a bamboo paddle for pizza in the heat while the pizza cooks so you should slide the pizza off the paddle whilst gripping the handle, then return the board to the food once it has cooked and carefully lift the pizza whilst you guide it with the handle.
  • You might also want to look for a bamboo paddle for pizza that comes with other things like cutting tools. This can mean it is more diverse. The handle on your cutting tool should also be made from bamboo . The blade will be metal but a bamboo handle can provide better grip. Furthermore, you will likely want put other things on the board for serving and this is another great way to exploit the multifunctional nature of the bamboo board for pizza.

Pizza Royale Bamboo Pizza Paddle

One of the best things about this product is that it doesn’t just serve as a pizza peel – it can be used as a cutting board, serving platter and for when you make other foods that need to go into the oven.

The size of this pizza peel is very generous at 19 inches long and 12 inches wide, it is one of the best products for larger pizzas if you are planning to share, that it. It will also offer easy use thanks the the easy to grip handle, but what is most exciting is that quality of the wood.

The bamboo peel is known to be more durable as this is a hard wood and this peel definitely makes the cut. The wood will not warp or splinter, like cheaper wood would, no matter how often you use it for cutting, serving or baking. The handle is also bamboo and is lengthy and has a comfortable grip – something that is essential in a pizza paddle handle.

Being able to slide the pizza onto the pizza stone with ease is essential and the non-stick nature of this peel will allow you to slide the pizza into the oven easily.

You don’t get free shipping with this pizza peel which is a shame, but as a best peel, you don’t mind paying the price. The shipping is not too much extra and when you consider the cost of the pizza board, the shipping really is just a small fraction.

Harcas Pizza Stone And Bamboo Pizza Paddle

If you are looking for a product that gives you the best of both world then this is sure to impress you. Not only do you get a very good standard of pizza peel but also a stone for using in the oven.

The peel has been designed with a long handle which makes it safer when taking things in and out of the oven. The bamboo paddle is durable and long lasting and the dough is far less likely to stick, especially if you put some flour into the wood before cooking your pizzas.

We mentioned that your pizzas should slide easily into the oven and this is partly related to the type of peel. You may see that a wood peel gives a better slide and this is especially true of bamboo – for hot pizza and the best results, you can’t go far wrong with this.

This paddle is 14 inches by 12 inches so is again great for larger pizzas and thanks to its versatile design will see you through from stretching the dough to baking, cutting and serving with no additional equipment. That great-sized handle comes in useful again here too!

The cooking surface will get hot quicky, so you can see how easily you can start baking pizza and the strong peel can be used for cutting and serving as well. That is the beauty of the wood peel, where metal peels are only made for a single job, wood peels offer versatility and this is why we see so many of them shipping around the world.

Speaking of shipping, this peel can be your for no extra price thanks to the free shipping and what’s even better – you get 1-day deliver so you can start baking pizzas in no time at all.


If you are looking for something that will offer incredible performance and diversity then this pizza making kit is perfect for you. For a similar price to many bamboo wood pizza peels, you are getting the stone, a cutting tool and a cookbook too!

Right through from when you make the dough, you can create recipes that will be a hit at every pizza party and your guests will come to like eating at your place! Furthermore, you can see that you will have everything you need to make great pizza.

Start off by stretching the dough on the 15 x 12 inch bamboo wood paddle, add your toppings and then easily slide your pizza iton the oven and and in minutes you will see it transformed into delicious ready-to-eat food. Once the pizza is out of the oven, the wooden board can then be used in variety of ways. You may see it as a cutting board or serving board for your pizzas.

Perhaps the most notable feature is that this is a non-stick board that will make it easy for your pizza to slide into the oven but the top layer of bamboo wood has also been treated so your pizza will taste like it has just come out of an Italian kitchen!

The handle on the peel board is excellent and will offer good grip but you can also see that the cutting tool handle is also wooden which promotes far easier cutting. The entire kit is also easy to store thanks to its slimline design. While the peel is large enough for a big pizza, it is less than an inch thick so is easy to keep in the cupboard between uses.Even if you wish to keep it on the kitchen side as a permanent board for cutting, it won’t take up too much space/

If all of that wasn’t enough, you might consider that this is also free shipping and they offer 1 day delivery so you will not have to wait a long time to start baking that delicious pizza with your very own bamboo pizza peel!

XXL Pizza Set

If you are looking to put something in your shopping cart that will offer everything you need to start baking pizza at home then this set has got to see it! You will see that you receive the stone, the bamboo wood peel as well as 2kg of pizza flour which really gives this that extra something special.

Of course, the board is once again extremely versatile and can be used as a board for putting pizza in for baking, cutting and serving but it has many other features that earns it as a place on this best pizza peel review list.

The material is strong and as we have learned, bamboo is a hard wood so it will not warp and splinter like other wooden paddle board designs. Yet you are still getting that non-stick nature which you will struggle to see in a metal pizza paddle board. As you slide your pizza into the oven, you will see how easy this is made thanks to the bamboo wood design. What’s more, thanks to the specially crafted handle, you will be able to grip the bamboo peel for pizza without an issue. The handle is also long enough to reach the back of a conventional oven and will work quite well with a wood-fired oven too.

This pizza peel measures in at a size of 15 x 12 inches and has a generous handle that will offer an easy user experience. Whether you are baking, cutting, serving or simply displaying the board proudly in your kitchen, you’ll be hard-pushed to find anything that lives up to being called the best bamboo wood pizza peel more so than this.

You may be wondering whether to buy this product based on the delivery and the great news is that you can have free shipping. The bamboo peel and pizza set may be a little more expensive than some of the other things we have looked at but please keep in mind that when you buy an item for cooking homemade pizza, it is important to look for quality and you will be getting more than enough with this peel.

Hossejoy Premium Pizza Peel - Bamboo

The first thing that grabs your attention when looks at this bamboo peel is that the handle has been ergonomically designed for comfort and excellent grip. If you do not have a handle that promotes ease, this can end up making the whole pizza paddle experience somewhat unpleasant.

Furthermore, the handle is quite lengthy. This is important in a pizza paddle handle since they must be able to go far into the oven without you getting burned. Of course, the metal peel will always comes with a longer handle but there are many downsides to this type of paddle. Even better, this streamlined handle will make it effortless to slide your pizza into the oven, of course, there is a knack to getting the right slide but the correct equipment, such as an excellent pizza paddle will help.

The Hossejoy premium pizza bamboo paddle is definitely deserving of being called the best thanks to its decent size. At 17 x 12 inch, this is certainly a larger option and will help you to make huge pizza in no time at all. The wide width isn’t all that this has to offer, the curved edge and attractive design also mean that this is the best looking bamboo paddle for pizza.

Of course, an important aspect of any peel for pizza is that the board can be used for other purposes. Most peels can be used this way and this paddle is no exception. After you have cooked your pizza, you might put the board to work for cutting and serving. It also works as a cutting or serving board for cheese and other snacks, especially when you have a lot of guests to impress and not much time to take out every piece of serving equipment you have!

You might notice that this peel for pizza is far less expensive than some of the other bamboo paddle and peel options we have looked at. The board does not come with free shipping and this may explain the lower cost. However, you should also keep in mind when looking at the reviews that people have nothing but great things to say about this incredle bamboo peel for pizza.

Additionally, the material is excellent quality and the peel is easy to work with, so if you are looking for something that is widely considered to be the best but without any extras, and you are willing to pay for shipping, this 17 x 12 inch bamboo peel could be right for you.

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